NFDC Internet Connection - Credit Cards No Longer Accepted Online

We are sorry to inconvenience a few of our clients who have regularly used our pay online webpage. For a couple of decades we have made this convenient service available to you. We are proud to say that we have never allowed a lapse in security like the ones you may have seen headlines about in recent years. Admittedly, we have probably "flown below the radar" on that one.

Even though we have managed to dodge hackers, we have been thoroughly unable to dodge credit card related banks fees. A recent PCI Compliance effort has hit us in both the wallet and on the time clock punch card. So, it is with reluctance that we have decided to forgo accepting your credit card payments online. In the spirit of "every dark cloud has a sliver lining", your credit card number does not exist on any NFDC server connected to the internet. We hope you sleep a little better tonight. We know that we will!

Our rates remain "very competitive" and most of our clients elect take advantage of our annual payment schedules. Writing one check a year is acceptable to most folks. Please, call for more information.

Likewise, for as long as we are able, you can just call us and we will take your credit card payment on the telephone. We will enter your payment that night in our offline bank terminal program.

Once again, we are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
    — Charlene & Dave Lester

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